No exageration. The scent is fresh and sexy (not intense or noir). This scent is sort of soapy and fresh. too weird, but that over time is revealed, it reveals its true essence and wraps you in an embrace gentle, kind ... makes me feel comfortable, lightweight, and nostalgic. All I can smell is heavy soapy sweet pear. Oh dear.... it is EXACTLY the same. I find too many musk/ambergris/musk mallow notes often overwhelm on my skin and they tend to make me feel a little queasy if they are overpowering. I feel like wearing 3 to 4 different fragrances in a few hours. Or I can sit in a room by myself and smell my great 14 note composition fragrance thinking it's the best thing since slice bread....I think I'll choose the latter.... To my nose, this is straight up TF Champaca Absolute. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. For those of you who say it doesn't last for you, Boooo Freakin Hoooo..............It lasts for me and ultimately, that is what matters, what it does for ~ME~. I tried to get a sample and boy, I was hooked from the first sniff. Longevity is superb - I get 8 hours if not more. I was expecting something entirely different. Quite sweet (in a floral kind of way). I hate this so much. There was something about each one I liked and something I didn’t. And nothing else really. It's a very intriguing fruity, floral top with a slightly woodier ending. I was just in the taxi wearing this, and he opened the window a few minutes into our drive together lol, Never heard anything like that! I really can't tell what the notes are in this one, but it smells masculine to me. I just got this after smelling it at skins in Amsterdam and it is absolutely lovely! Working in health care I am fine with a scent that stays on my skin, as long as it lasts through changing temps, sweat, and the stress of work. Not a winter blanket, but a lightweight throw you pull over your legs in the dead of summer because the A/C is too cold. The Ghost Flower, or “Mohavea confertiflora” as experts call it, is a rare plant that you can find especially in the desert, because it even thrives in the driest soil. As you can imagene Byredo is extreamly popular in Sweden and this one is all over Stockholm. Kinda youthful, but in a pleasant way. Mojave Ghost was launched in 2014. The opening of Mojave Ghost is like a breeze. So really if it was like my actual experience in the Mojave Desert it would smell like sweat and axe body spray. Mojave "Ghost" indeed. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. MG won out because it was the one that made me feel the most comfortable the entire day, from first spray to before bedtime shower and c. Hmm, kind of smells like if Tam Dao, Daisy and Light Blue made a baby? Tangy peachy yoghurt scent. 1,962 votes. I can smell the body wash and cologne at the end of the night on my skin after sweating in the Texas summer sun. Felt the need to jump in and defend this beautiful, elusive juice. Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. The ghost flower is a rare genus that grows in the wilderness of the desert with an intense aroma. I grew up in the Caribbean eating sapodillas, maybe that’s why I find comfort here. I dislike floral fragrances, but this is amazing. I own both MG and now SG so I could smell them hand to hand. I had high expectations for this as I pictured it as a dry, austere fragrance. Meer informatie. I don't want to offend anyone. It doesn't evoke Joshua trees, creosote bushes, coyotes, or dusty and windswept trailer parks on the edge of Barstow. A slightly ambery fruitiness in the opening is followed by a white floral note the drydown. In fact, the fragrance is almost the polar opposite - it is fruity and flowery and fresh. Omschrijving Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum 50ml spray De Mojave-woestijn is een woestijn gelegen tegenover het zuidoosten van Californië, het zuiden van Nevada en noordwestelijke van Arizona in de Verenigde Staten en staat bekend als een van de meest dorre … Definitely a feminine scent. I guess it is the combination of sandalwood and cinnamon. Something about this reminds me of Excretions Magnifique! Byredo – Mojave Ghost. Or better put perfume for people who wants to smell like they have something on. I think this would work well as an office scent too or for people who are really sensitive to more intense fragrance profiles. Very faint and pale. Despite its arid surroundings and inability to produce nectar, the Ghost Flower, or Mohavea Confertiflora, maintains its perfect, majestic beauty and thrives year after year. For me, I like minimalistic fragrances. The longevity of the hair mist isn't incredible however - I would say a few hours at most. This perfume is nice. ッ❤. This scent is not oriental to me, but fresh, light and at the same time kinda unisex - I absolute love it! i dont enjoy this. I tried it on my skin, and this worked great with my skin's chemistry. After loving Blanche so much, I got a bunch of samples of Byredo and Mojave Ghost was one of them. It leans kind of feminine. I was just given a sample of this and wish I hadn't been...because now I really want it! Es ist ein Parfum für Frauen, aber durch seine Grundnote Materialien können für Männer verwendet werden. Enjoy! But I just could not help myself! You can really smell the violet. I do see why this one is so popular—it's a lovely option for evening but isn't sweet or overly floral in the least. 3.97 In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. Something is overly floral and not the nicest smelling about it. Nice office fragrance. Find out more about Mojave Ghost by Byredo, Add your review of Mojave Ghost by Byredo, Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior, Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel, Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani. :) :). I get an astringent pear note at first spray, which quickly blooms into horrible cheap yellow flowers and soapy white musks. It has become my signature scent. They are all quiet, subtle-smelling scents. Parfum-beoordeling 3.98 van 5 met 1,912 stemmen. Soft, pleasant, almost skin-like... A ghost (maybe I'm too fond of beasts n niche-y n classics). A bit sweet, a bit aquatic, and bleh. They are quite linear, light perfumes without being easy or boring. (I have a strong dislike for Daisy, and all it’s iterations) But I guess part of what we should love so much about fragrance is how it tickles every brain diffferently. And I love that it is a slow developer, sort of hitting me with a new note a while after I've forgotten I've put it on. However, I do definitely recommend this one. 5 with I just can't understand how this is supposed to be a rather pricy niche eau de parfum. This was a disappointing bottle, uh I mean sample. A true unisex fragrance, both men and women can wear this. With Mojave Ghost, Byredo has a great name and imagery to draw upon, but has created an insipid fragrance that's more department store than niche. It's just a sweet puree with no particular scent. I love the whole black and white affair! Byredo Mojave Ghost Showergel 225ml. Was embarrassed to have this on my wrist while riding the streetcar home. Its sweet and airy, fairly light but noticable, innoffensive but unique, lovely. I think this would work well both for summer and winter. and he never said that about anything else (e.g. Right? Even though I am not a Dior J’adore fan, something about this is reminiscent of it. That's why I love wearing it :). Mojave Ghost definitely smells the most unique out of all of the Byredo scents I've tried. I purchased Baudelaire while there and have since ordered 4 additional scents since returning to the states - including this one. Only maybe not quite as good. Unique smell that stands out in my collection. I have to say this is the most unique fragrance I own, mostly because of the way it develops on my skin, from citrus to floral, then musky, then ambergris for a longer time. I don't think it says class or intellect nor would it garner compliments in adults as much ass others,but its just plain out good, well balanced, long lasting, and makes you feel happy! Mojave Ghost is a great release from the house of Byredo. I think that is not a Eau de Parfum for everyone .. but it is a complex parfum, and you have to feel deeply, to the time of evolution. Whereas you barely smell it, but it will always float around you and be playful hauntedly to you. The review by RB75 below, is spot on. Its light fresh musk with the floral notes make it very pleasant to the nose. I have sampled this in the Space NK closest to my university several times because I couldn’t make my mind up and decide whether I liked it enough to purchase a whole bottle. That was an expensive blind buy. Not worth the price tag and would not repurchase. Love this stuff. In particular, the wispy little white gravel ghost was what I hoped this would capture. It opens the most delicious creamy sapodilla fruit (but airy not fruity as you might assume), the scent had been replicated to the actual sapodilla fruit scent, in my country sapodilla smoothy is a popular drink, it is why I can recognize immediately. At first I said: But what is it ?? It basically smells aquatic, clean, and fruity. Download Female Daily App Reviews Editorial Shop at Beauty Studio NEW Talk Try & Review After 30 minutes in, I can finally smell something a little sweet, pleasant and slightly cozy, (most likely the sapodilla) now that it’s dried down but I know I over sprayed (8 times to pulse points) and I can barely smell it. I personally prefer it to the Spring/Autumn .... Perfume that deserves, I really like. I wanted to like this one: the name is beautiful and the idea of this ghost flower is fascinating. I have so many questions about this scent. Geïnspireerd op de wonderlijke, extreem zeldzame en ongelooflijk krachtige ‘ghost flower’ uit de Mojave woestijn, bloeiend zonder voedingsstoffen en water. In the end, the base notes can be seen how much this perfume is really fantastic, revealing all his being, woody-Amber with a pinch of dust. A timeless and largely floral fragrance with the sweetness of the sapodilla coming through after a bit of ware. If you want to smell like an apple scented shampoo then this frag is for you. Very interesting. I got the body wash on sale and a sample size of the cologne. Eau de Parfum, Unisex, 1.6 fl.oz / 50 ml, France . This magic is incredible. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. I usually find sandalwood nauseating when too prominent. On me it dries down heavy on the musk and ambergris with some melon. Can easily pass as a body-scent, a naturally good and personal scent; that is my favourite part of this perfume. The sandalwood dry down gives it more of a masculine feel but obviously the floral component makes it more feminine....I get many compliments with this one, not to say that is my goal when I wear it, but if others think it smells great, perhaps I should listen? This is my current obsession and I wear this often for myself than anyone else. Mojave Ghost is one of my favorites for casual events. Lots of wet/dry contrasts- arid aromatics juxtaposed against juicy, surreal plantlife; sage smoke and sweetwater, with a very pleasant sillage. I can barely smell this and don't find anything remarkable about what I do smell. I kept hearing rumblings about this fragrance being mysterious, unique, and enigmatic. I would definately wear that. The sapodilla note is very fruity, fresh, long-lasting and quite unique. This is also the first time I cannot detect a fragrance at all. Woah, a lot of negative reviews on this one. Maybe I would buy this for my teenage little sister, just to keep here from drowning in unsophisticated guermandes. Byredo Mojave Ghost is inspired by Mohavea confertiflora, or “ghost flower” that grow in the arid deserts of the Southwest (or Mexican Northwest). The "Ghost" part is about right - this is obviously pale. Kind of like Insence Flash by Tauerville (which I absolutely love). It doesn't smell like shampoo to me, just a clean beautiful floral backed up by a touch of amber and soft woods. I hoped this smelled like dust, incense, maybe with a hit of green notes. I am hoping to post more perfume reviews regularly. I have tried to wash this smell off of me but it is not going anywhere :)I don't get some of these reviews saying that this smells like nothing or very soft. It smells good but "nice shampoo" good, not "whole man's body" good. Interesting for the first 5 minutes. agree with CascadeScents on youtube, this is a strong scent, among his top 5(strongest, and favoriate Byredo). Byredo is one of those houses that seem to be incapable of doing wrong in my eyes. The Byredo sales manager explained to me that this is stronger than Gypsy Water but lighter than Bal D’Afrique in terms of projection but to my nose, Mojave Ghost is something I cannot detect at all even from the initial spray, as if I had simply sprayed water on myself. Impressive. but I had to say that the dominant note here reminds me strongly of... lifesavers tropical rolls, remember the opaque pale-orange melon lifesaver? Very light, airy, sweet and flowery on me. The result is a dry sun baked desert air scent with a slightly brooding reclusive floral tone. I love it. Is this scent too close to my natural body chemistry? The fruity- floral middle intensifies and smells like any of a number of synthetic- smelling department store uninspired fruity florals. Top notes are Sapodilla and Ambrette (Musk Mallow); middle notes are Magnolia, Violet and Sandalwood; base notes are Ambergris and Cedar. This fragrance jumps out and punches me in the face when I wake up wearing it! There is also something milky in this fragrance which really bothers me. However, my partner has told me that they can smell the scents on me. Mojave Ghost doesn't seem to have this dry down effect, but it loses Daisy's femininity. This scent is slightly sweeter than I usually get addicted to but nonetheless I applied about four sprays to my favourite wool cardigan and I can't stop sniffing it. Mojave Ghost is that beautiful moment just before the sun explodes over the horizon in an orange fireball in the high desert except the perfume lasts well into the light of day. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. This is an atypical floral without being too weird or avant-garde for the average person to appreciate, but it's unique enough that perfume junkies will love to analyze its intricacies. Mojave Ghost may be my favorite Byredo. And scrub and scrub. I have grown to really appreciate this perfume. Disclosure: This review was based on a sample provided by Byredo. I can’t believe people smell anything akin to Daisy in this fragrance. They should benifit from an intense verision. Schrijf een review. I like a heady spice train in the winter, and this is certainly not that. Combination of fresh, mysterious, floral, green and Woods. No and no. There is nothing really wrong with the fragrance but it is nothing like what you're imagining from the description. For me, Mojave Ghost will be a summer affair, and perfect for hot humid days. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances, , fragrance forums, user reviews and more. The sapodilla note here is what makes this unique.

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