Well, this article talks about what are the major causes of biodiversity loss, the lasting and current effects of biodiversity loss and what are some of the solutions in our grasp and realm of possibility. There is growing concern about the health consequences of biodiversity loss. A decimation of their habit from human non biodegradable waste, and an industrialized mindset, has far greater consequences when you remove species that may never come back. Pretend you're taking a look at the species biodiversity within a local pond. Measures include legislative provisions that prohibit the persecution of … Loss of biodiversity has a poor impact on the ecosystem. Even though permanent global species l What are the causes and why does biodiversity matter? The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the global authority on the status of the natural world. Our actions towards the environment have caused this decline in biodiversity. MEPs are calling for legally binding targets both locally and globally, in order to encourage more ambitious measures to ensure the conservation and the restoration of biodiversity. Major direct threats to biodiversity include habitat loss and fragmentation, unsustainable resource use, invasive species, pollution, and global climate change. There is massive extinction from human activity. Though, it has been noticed that global extinction so far is irreversible. Protecting biodiversity plays a crucial part in achieving … The weight of biodiversity loss is most pronounced on species whose populations are decreasing. Topping the list, of course, is the monetary value of biodiversity … Biodiversity loss is one of the world's many on growing problems. Over fishing is … The loss of biodiversity is all too easy to find. My focus is on analyzing deeper issues in the news. Biodiversity describes the variety of all living life-forms including plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they all contain and the ecosystems of which they form a part. Parliament wants the EU to take the lead by ensuring that 30% of EU territory consists of natural areas by 2030 and considering biodiversity in all EU policies. Invasive Species: Invasive species are ‘alien’ or ‘exotic’ species which are introduced accidentally or … Big companies are starting to get the picture, but there are still plenty that will exploit … deforestation, intensive mono-culture, urbanisation), Direct exploitation such as hunting and over-fishing, Preparing the post-2020 biodiversity framework, legally binding targets to stop biodiversity loss. I'm an experienced writer and up-and-coming journalist on WeeklyReviewer. Take the Great Barrier Reef for example. It keeps a Red List of endangered species, an important indicator of the health of the world's biodiversity. Plants convert energy from the sun making it available to other life forms. The Earth is facing a dual crisis of rapid climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss. We recommend products and services often for our readers, and through many we will earn commissions through affiliate programs. According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), biodiversity is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area—the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and even micro-organisms like bacteria that make up our natural world. Fifty years ago, we started taking conservation seriously. In December 2019, MEPs criticised the EU pollinators’ initiative presented by the European Commission as insufficient to tackle the root causes of the declines. A subsequent United Nations report, published in July of this year, warned that biodiversity loss, and humans' destruction of nature, would … On 16 January MEPs called for legally binding targets to stop biodiversity loss to be agreed at a UN biodiversity conference (COP15) in China in October. Animals like the Burmese Python was introduced into the US, but now decimates small animal ecosystems in Florida. – Major Causes, Effects and Solutions, over 200 million feral rabbits roam Australia, https://weeklyreviewer.com/author/weeklyreviewer/, /R E M I N D E R — Media Advisory – Prime Minister's itinerary for Friday, January 15, 2021/, Yext Kicks Off 2021 with Best Workplace Awards from Fortune and Built In, Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines Through Community Providers NOW, Keto Advanced Review: An Effectual Weight Loss Diet Pill, Convicted Felon Voting Rights – Pros and Cons, Meet The Team – WeeklyReviewer Authors and Editors Staff. The Parliament also wants a better protection of pollinators, such as bees. We don’t encourage anyone to click on ads for any other purpose but your own. Be it water, air, or land pollution, all forms of pollution appear to be a threat to all life forms … The environmental degradation that leads to the loss can be either reversible or effectively permanent. When the pigmented algae die, the corals are left with a white bleached color. Natural areas should cover 30% of the EU territory by 2030 and degraded ecosystems should be restored. The loss or reduction of species, strains of animals, and organisms of a certain ecosystem are called Biodiversity Loss. Our Global Ecosystem, the biodiversity and the habitats they live in, is facing a rapid loss of life (biodiversity loss), mainly because of human activity. WeeklyReviewer earns primarily through affiliates and ads. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! I also focus on industry reviews and product reviews. It is impossible to know exactly what the consequences of mass extinctions would be for humans, but we do know that for now the diversity of nature allows us to thrive. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. It takes millions of years for ecosystems to recover from such an event. First, plant and animal species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate that far exceeds the natural historical rate (although there is some uncertainty because only 1.75 million out of an estimated 14 million species have been scientifically described). Other factors include global warming, pollution, overfishing and overhunting, … Find out facts and figures about endangered species in Europe. A recent UN report on biodiversity estimates the global rate of species extinction is currently tens to hundreds of times higher than it has averaged over the past 10 million years.. Over Exploitation : ADVERTISEMENTS: Over exploitation is a serious threat to wildlife. Biodiversity is being lost due to the loss of habitat, over-exploitation of resources, climatic changes, pollution, invasive exotic species, diseases, hunting, etc. Biodiversity loss: what is causing it and why is it a concern? You have not even scratched the surface of the biodiversity wi… Pollution. It also includes the decrease in the number of a species in a certain habitat. Biodiversity, or the variety of all living things on our planet, has been declining at an alarming rate in recent years, mainly due to human activities, such as land use changes, pollution and climate change. Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life. In such cases, governments can take species-specific measures to conserve remaining populations; the nature of these measures will largely depend on what are the causes of species decline. Coral Bleaching is when warm waters move in, mostly through this man made climate change, and kills off algae supporting the coral life. Biodiversity loss also means that we are losing, before discovery, many of nature's chemicals and genes, of the kind that have already provided humankind with enormous health benefits. Healthy ecosystems provide us with many essentials we take for granted. The main cause of the loss of biodiversity can be attributed to the influence of human beings on the world’s ecosystem, In fact human beings have deeply altered the environment, and have modified the territory, exploiting the species directly, for example by fishing and hunting, changing the biogeochemical cycles and transferring species from one area to another of the Planet. Changes in land use (e.g. If ecosystems deteriorate to an unstable level, the resulting problems can … Biological diversity, the variety of life on earth, also known as biodiversity, depends on the thriving of the habitats they live in. Biodiversity is traditionally defined as the variety of life on Earth in all its forms. A fundamental part of sustaining life on Earth is figuring out how we affect the environment, how we can minimize our damage to the environment, and how we should clean up the damage we cause to the environment. Biodiversity refers to the different life forms on earth, including plants, animals, insects and bacteria. Our Global Ecosystem, the biodiversity and the habitats they live in, is facing a rapid loss of life(biodiversity loss), mainly because of human activity.

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